Student ePortfolio

Writing reflectively is easy

Image og jigsaw puzzle piecesThese generic resources will get you started with reflective writing. Your lecturer/tutor may have specific requirements for the ePortfolio tasks associated with a particular unit. In this case you will have appropriate resources available on your QUT Blackboard unit site.

I didn't really think about how all these units were contributing to my overall professional development until I had to reflect on them for the ePortfolio presentation ... I like that it is being assessed because it is real-world, I am actually learning how to reach my goals.

Postgraduate Information Technology student, 2008.

I also found the aspect of reflective writing in this subject benficial to my lifelong learning ... reflecting on the tasks I have completed, and noting skills and experiences engaged in for the first time, will prove invaluable to my future job prospects.

Undergraduate student, 2009.

If this sort of assessment had been available from the start I would have definitely found it easier ... I can see how the students starting now are going to benefit. I have had to really think back to make connections to the early units I've already done. I wish we'd had all this right from the start.

Engineering student, 2008.

Refining your reflections

You will be supported within your units of study to develop your reflective writing. Depending on your discipline area you may encounter a number of frameworks which help you structure and develop your reflections. The 4/5Rs is widely used to support reflective writing across QUT.

You can also access sample reflections (to get you started with your writing) in the sample ePortfolios that are linked from the menu in your Student ePortfolio.